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What is creativity? Who has it? Who doesn't? And how do you find it? We often think that creativity is something that "other" people have. That you just get "born" with it, and if you don't, well....too bad. But really, we ALL have the ability to put a little something creative in our day. And it's not limited to just what we consider the "arts". Every day we have the chance to approach our lives in a new, fun, creative way. We just have to remember how. This blog by Casey McCann, owner of Eclectic Music Atlanta, touches on the subject very nicely.
Now go on out and make something!
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Seven Ways to Be More Creative -- How to get inspired in 2011


1) Unplug. Don't you get your best ideas in the shower? Not coincidentally, that's one of the few places your mobile device can't come along. Create some mental space by disconnecting from your electronic tether and connecting with your own self.


2) Talk about fun things, even when you're doing boring things. Fit creative moments into the nooks and crannies of daily life by asking questions ("If you could hear only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?") that get your family expressing themselves during meals, in the car, and in line.


3) Deepen. Toddlers and preschoolers often want to hear the same songs and stories over and over again. This repetition deepens their experience and helps them to make vital learning connections. Reflect on a favorite book, movie, poem or song, and see if you get something new out of revisiting something you love.


4) Make one tiny change. Stuck in a rut? Do one tiny thing differently. Listen to a favorite album instead of NPR on the way to work. Put a colored lightbulb in a living room lamp. Use a ridiculous foreign accent while helping your kid do homework. Even the act of looking for small changes is creative.


5) Do the thing. I find myself wistfully thinking, "When I have more time, I'm going to play my twelve-string guitar more often." And then I think, "Duh, why don't I play the thing for five minutes right now?" Think of the thing that feels like a hopeless luxury of time or money or frivolity. Chances are, it's not. Then do that thing, or some little step towards it.


6) Make something. Cookies, a website, a song, a Facebook photo album, a clean counter, an organized drawer. Acknowledge the fact that these are all fundamentally creative acts, however mundane they may be. You will see other, bigger opportunities if you start looking for them in that context.


7) Pretend you're four. Four-year-olds are playful, eccentric, unself-conscious, and very in touch with their creative selves. When was the last time the average four-year-old painted a picture? And when was the last time you painted a picture? Look at your life from the perspective of that four-year-old you used to be, and see if any buried dreams emerge.